Digital Transformation

Embrace the future, enhance your efficiency, and gain deeper visibility into your enterprise with our tailored digital transformation services, uniquely designed for your business.

Smart Queue & Smart Brochure

Queue system platform that can be booked via Website and LINE, can connect to service counters, customer databases and various forms, making it easier, more convenient, faster and more efficient.

The AI ​​camera system is linked to the customer database to see whether the customers who come to use the service are existing customers, new customers, or VIP customers and what kind of transaction history they have in order to offer services that meet the customer needs.

Hybrid Cloud

It is a combination of the Private Cloud and Public Cloud system that has been used together to reduce the disadvantages of these two clouds and can also help increase flexibility to manage. Organizations are looking to accelerate business outcomes by unlocking the value of their data with an open, hybrid multi-cloud and AI approach that scales resiliency and performance.

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