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Computer Union

Computer Union

Computer Union is an affiliate of Saha-Union Group, established by Mr. Damri Darakananda, who had personal interests and initiations and realized the importance of the Computer technology.

To meet the demand of computer use within the organization and to distributed the products and to provide services to outside organization. The company is one of the pioneer distributors of personal computers in Thailand, and has development itself to an integrated IT service provider so far.

Established of Computer Union

In 1982, the Computer Union company was established with its registered capital of 10 million Bath; at present, the Company has its registered capital of 200 million Bath.

The Company has accumulated the experiences of sales and service provision to its customers, with its success of gross sales of over 2,000 million Bath per year. The Company is now trusted by over 500 large organizations using its service.

With experiences of over 41 years, we are confident that we are fully prepared in terms of diversity and high quality of products, with our quality team of staff in 34 service centers nationwide providing the integrated services to meet the maximum satisfaction of our customers under the Saha-Union Group’s motto of business operation “ Integrity, Quality, Service”.

Moreover, the Company has provided the personal training and development for Over 400 employees to keep up with innovations and technology and to maintain the high quality and efficiency of its service provision to meet all demands of customers in accordance with the Company’s motto “Customer’s First Choice”. Our Products

Total IT Solution Provider

The Company has operated its integrated IT businesses, divided into departments, as follows:

  1. Hardware Distribution
  2. Software Distribution
  3. System Integration
  4. Maintenance Service