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PillPick® Automated Packaging and Dispensing System

A completely automated solution, from manufacturers’packaging to patient-specific dispensing

PillPick is the only pharmacy automation system that can provide unit-dose packaging, storage and dispensing — making it a completely automated solution, from manufacturers’ packaging to patient-specific dispensing. PillPick allows pharmacies to increase picking, packaging and dispensing efficiency, eliminate medication errors and improve patient safety

PillPick Automated Packaging and Dispensing System

Fully Automated

– From manufacturers‘ packaging to patient-specific dispensing Advanced Design

– Two robots support task redundancy and productivity


– The PillPick system encodes each bag produced with a unique serial number and associated NDC to make a Drug Supply Chain Security Act (DSCSA) compliant Product Identifier

Overwrap Module

– Automates unit dose packaging and bar coding of bulky containers and non-solids for improved control and traceability and associated NDC to make a Drug Supply Chain Security Act (DSCSA) compliant Product Identifier Verification

– Automatically verify packaging accuracy and store images of each unit dose with the PickViewTM Vision System

PillPick Features and Benefits

  1. AutoPhial™ Overwrap Module Boosts pharmacy efficiency by automating the unit-dose packaging of vials, cups, ampoules and syringes.
  2. High-Density Storage Securely stores up to 51,060 unit doses*, or 145 doses per square foot.

* Indicates maximum capacity, which is not typical for most clients

3. Unit-Dose Packaging Ensures complete traceability of medication from original packaging to the patient.

4. Secure Medication Loading Verification replaces pharmacist check upon dispense+, reducing workload by as much as 50%1 errors + Were allowed by State Board of Pharmacy

5. Patented PickRing® Gives quick visual reference of medication orders for caregivers errors.

6. Automatic Medication Returns Eliminate extra processing steps and reduce waste.
+ Barcode Verification
Eliminates opportunity for medication errors during packaging and dispensing.
+ Discrete Packaging and Dispensing Modules
Support simultaneous processing and improve productivity.
+ Archive Process
The PickView Vision System stores images of all medications packaged through the system for future verification


The SenseCare Smart Health Platform is a high-performance diagnostic and treatment assistance solution developed by SenseTime that combines leading AI algorithms and advanced image post-processing technology. Based on medical big data, the platform aims to provide smart tools for various clinical departments to support the entire process of diagnosis, treatment and recovery, and help improve the efficiency and accuracy of diagnosis and treatment planning by doctors.


Seamless Integration with Hospital Information System

SenseCare enables seamless connection with existing CT/MRI/X-ray equipment and PACS without interfering with the original workflow process in hospitals.

High Concurrency and Flexible Access

Concurrent users throughout the hospital can simply log into the platform and perform analysis via web-browser on various portable devices without any plug-in.

Intelligent 3D Image Post-processing

A variety of 3D post-processing can automatically be performed on this platform, e.g. MPR, CPR and VR, facilitating the entire workflow of diagnosis, treatment and rehabilitation.

Close Alignment with Clinical Demands

Various customized AI applications equip the platform to meet the diverse clinical demands of diagnostic imaging and clinical treatment.

Strict Data Security and Protection

SenseCare protects original data from transmission and distribution outside of the hospital, ensuring data security through a mature permission management system.

Clinical Research Enhancement

An innovative deep learning framework supports semi-automatic annotation and scientific research task management, helping overcome difficulties and challenges in medical research.

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