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Wise Room 

WISEROOM is a central platform that helps gather knowledge for organizations. In just 1 day, training can be done in all fields. Training can be repeated and training results can also be measured in Real-Time.


Important News Announcements – Training Courses – Knowledge Center – Create Activities – Individual Assessment

Comprehensive communication :

Learn anytime, anywhere via smartphones with a notification system that helps users or members not miss out on accessing information or announcements from the organization.

Knowledge Management :

Gather knowledge in the organization into categories. Training content, courses, important knowledge help organizations to use information more conveniently.

Activities and games in the form of Gamification :

Transform the experience of building team building in the organization from offline to online, enabling a learning society. Connect employees with Gamification

Data tracking and processing system :

Analysis and reporting system for access to members’ data Track training and engagement with CMS system and process in Data Visualization format.

Create learning with Game-based Learning :

Develop game-based learning Incorporating learning styles through activities Helps improve learners’ learning quickly.

Data is not leaked :

Rest assured that data will be kept secure. There are no leaks, external data capture and backup systems. In case of loss, the data can be recovered immediately.