Korean Air Drone 

Korean Air Aerospace Division is a comprehensive aerospace systems company with far-reaching experiences in final assembly of YUH-60 and KSLV-1, the first licensed in-house production of 500MD helicopters and F-5 fighter jets, depot maintenance of military aircraft, and joint commercial aircraft development.

With accumulated R&D capabilities and global competitiveness, we contribute to self-defence by developing divisional unmanned air vehicles and renovating special mission aircraft. With the 4th Industrial revolution, we are pioneering a new path for the Korean aviation industry, from Urban Air Mobility (UAM), air traffic management, UAV, AI, satellite launch vehicles to stealth technology.

Passion and determination drive our division forward to create value for our clients. With years of technological insight, thirst for innovation and challenging spirit for a new future, we strive to fulfil our roles and responsibilities in pioneering the aerospace industry. Thank you everyone, for your continued interest and support for our growth and development.


Wide variety of UAV lineup,possible through active investment in high-value next-gen technology

With years of insight and experience in military UAV industry, Korean Air is developing multicopter UAVs for commercial and public applications.


  • UAV (Unmanned Aircraft Systems)
  • Hybrid Drone (KUS-HD3)
  • Inspection Drone