Deep Instinct

The Deep Learning Cybersecurity Software for Zero-Day Prevention

Who We Are

Deep Instinct’s advanced endpoint security software applies deep learning algorithms to endpoint protection, offering a multi-layer prediction and prevention first approach, followed by detection and response, against known and unknown cyber threats.

At Deep Instinct, we prevent what others can’t find

Deep Instinct Prevention for Applications

Ransomware, unknown malware, and other malicious files are successfully infiltrating your environment, not only on the endpoint, but through files uploaded to your applications by customers, employees, and third parties. Organizations must look for new ways to stop the attack before it reaches your storage, executes, or spreads to other systems.

Deep Instinct Prevention for Storage

The consolidation of information from various endpoints into data repositories has transformed them into major attack vectors, providing a one-stop-shop for attackers. Safeguarding these storage repositories—whether they are in Network Attached Storage (NAS), hybrid, or public cloud environments—against increasingly sophisticated cyber threats is paramount. It only takes one infected file to put your data at risk.

Deep Instinct Prevention for Endpoints

Deep Instinct’s predictive prevention approach to cybersecurity improves effectiveness and efficiency to reduce risk and lower TCO. With a uniquely architected deep-learning solution for cybersecurity, we prevent >99% of unknown threats, like zero-day exploits and ransomware, before they execute inside your environment.