Computer Union is VMware Business Partner

Virtualization is the technology that is used to build Virtual Machine (VM). In general, today’s computer/server which ran a single operating system and/or single application was vastly underutilized. Virtualization will allow a single physical machine, through the building of multiple Virtual Machines, to share these excess resources and increase the return on your hardware investment. Virtualization will add flexibility and adaptability to the computer/server to better serve various purposes. All VM will share the resources such as CPU, RAM, Hard disk, and Network Controller, Ports etc. Each VM will run its own copy of the Operating System and/or application software and all of them work concurrently. A single computer can have multiple VMs, each running Windows or Linux or Solaris X86 at the same time.

Virtualization will reduce the number of servers needed by consolidating the functions which currently run on separate server and run them on a lesser amount of servers (Server Consolidation), which in turn, will reduce energy cost. It will yield a higher return on hardware investment and reduce the system management time and cost. VM can be build quickly and easily. In the case of computer damage or when business upgrade to a higher power computer, a carbon copy of VM can be rebuild on the new computer in a very short period of time. This will significantly reduce your business downtime.

Computer Union has high skill and experience in Virtualization technology. We are able to consult, design and present the best solutions for your Virtualization needs. The followings are our area of expertise in Virtualization.

  • Server Consolidation and Containment
  • Infrastructure Provisioning
  • Business Continuity
  • Test and Development
  • Enterprise Desktop
  • Legacy Application Re-hosting