About QAD Inc.Enabling the Adaptive Manufacturing Enterprise

QAD Inc. sells its products and services to companies in six main manufacturing industries: automotive, consumer products, high technology, food and beverage, industrial equipment and life sciences. The company’s software portfolio is called QAD Adaptive Applications, which is headlined by QAD Adaptive ERP. QAD Adaptive Applications is designed to streamline the management of manufacturing operations, supply chains, financials, customers, technology and business performance.
QAD Adaptive ERP is marketed as SaaS software using cloud computing.

QAD Adaptive ERP software supports the overall business management of an organization, including manufacturing, supply chain, finance, data analytics, and data analysis. business management process and resource planning in the organization for maximum efficiency through the monitor from the dashboard in real time.

QAD was founded in 1979 and is headquartered in Santa Barbara, California. United States and has 30 offices around the world, including a branch in Thailand. which has been established for more than 40 years. More than 2,000 manufacturing companies worldwide have implemented QAD solutions in the areas of Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP), Demand and Supply Chain Planning (DSCP), Global Trade and Logistics


Next Generation Manufacturing & Supply Chain Solutions in the Cloud

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1. Effective Enterprise Management

Trusted yet flexible core processes and data that ensure decision-makers have access to business and value chain insights.




2. Digital Manufacturing

Technology throughout production activities that intelligently connects manufacturing with the rest of the business.




3. Complete Customer Management

Visibility and real-time collaboration with customers to better respond, fulfill and service to exceed expectations and satisfaction.




4. Integrated Supplier Management

Real-time exchange of information with supply trading partners to better respond to market volatility and changing customer demands.




5. Connected Supply Chain

Comprehensive visibility and a shared view across the manufacturing enterprise, suppliers, customers, outsource and other trading partners.




Introducing “QAD Adaptive ERP”

What is QAD Adaptive ERP? And How Useful?

Manufacturers constantly deal with change. Customers’ needs vary on any business day. Suppliers’ and trading partners’ ability to source and deliver material is too often unpredictable, along with prices. New competitors appear, old competitors adapt. Compliance requirements are seemingly always in flux and tariffs and economic conditions fluctuate. New technologies promise to add value, but it is difficult to determine the right timing and level of investment to ensure a positive return.

Increasingly, manufacturers look to ERP to help deal with change, but that requires an ERP that extends and scales easily to support a rapid response to business and technology evolution — without sacrificing dependability and performance. At the same time, manufacturers want to simplify the experience of implementing, using and operating ERP regardless of the countries and languages in which they choose to do business.


QAD Cloud ERP is a proven, full-featured ERP solution that simplifies the task of deploying and using ERP for global manufacturers yet provides flexibility to quickly meet everchanging requirements. Running on the QAD Cloud, QAD Cloud ERP delivers excellent availability and performance with the security required by a global, mission critical solution. It includes around-the-clock and around-the-world support. QAD Cloud ERP integrates readily with other QAD Cloud applications and can easily integrate with third party applications whether on-premise or in the cloud.

1. Fit QAD designed and developed QAD Cloud ERP specifically to help global manufacturers align their business processes and best practices within their industry, without including unneeded features often found in more general-purpose ERPs

2. Fast and Simple: Implement QAD Cloud ERP quickly with QAD Easy On Boarding services. Proven conversion services make migrations and upgrades straightforward. The intuitive Channel Islands User Experience (UX) makes it easy to learn and personalize to meet user preferences.

3. Dependable, Available and Secure: With more than a decade in production in the QAD Cloud, QAD Cloud ERP offers proven reliability and performance, and includes sophisticated security and business continuity. The QAD Cloud’s data centers around the world support customers that want to make optimal regional deployments

4. Flexible and Extensible: Using the QAD Enterprise Platform, manufacturers may extend QAD Cloud ERP or add related apps with little or no coding. The platform also enables manufacturers to upgrade when they want while working with QAD to determine the best approach.

QAD Adaptive ERP Solution. Comprehensive yet flexible ERP system built for global manufacturers

QAD Cloud ERP helps manufacturers address the unique challenges in their given industry, whether an automotive parts or components provider, a medical devices or biopharma company, a contract manufacturer, a consumer products or food and beverage producer, or a high tech or industrial manufacturer. QAD Cloud ERP supports manufacturers’ essential industryspecific needs such as an FDA/cGMP qualified environment or MMOG/LE for automotive supply chain risk management.

QAD Cloud ERP includes comprehensive core financial, production, supply chain and related technology capabilities for global manufacturers, including:

Analytics: Includes embedded analytics with flexible visualization and sharing, KPI management, reporting framework and data browses

Business Process Management and Process Maps: Provides core process maps, industry-specific process maps and a BPM 2.0 compliant tool

Compliance: Simplifies addressing industry-specific compliance and, via QAD Internationalization, addresses country-level localization for over 60 countries for tax/transactional processing and related reporting compliance

Customer Management: Addresses the sales management and analysis, and quoting, pricing and ordering needs unique to manufacturers, including a 360- degree view of each customer

Service and Support Management: Provides full service and support capabilities for the manufacturing sector including repair, escalation handling, field service, depot repair, parts inventory, warranty and service contract management

Asset Management: Addresses MRO requirements including project accounting and tools repair, plus full insight into asset information

Financials: Supports complete multi-GAAP and multi-currency accounting, allocations, budgeting and reporting – yet also provides entity-level information to support department, unit and subsidiary accounting and financial needs

Manufacturing: Offers the full breadth of flexible processes needed in today’s manufacturing, covering the shop floor control to inventory, MRP, serialization, lot trace and product genealogy

Supply Chain: Supplies full execution capabilities including purchasing, consignment, DRP, requisitioning and operations planning

Other QAD Cloud applications integrate readily with QAD Cloud, including

QAD Cloud DSCP − Demand and Supply chain planning

QAD Cloud TMS – Transportation Management

QAD Cloud QMS – Quality Management

QAD Cloud EDI − Electronic Data Interchange

QAD Supplier Portal − Supplier relationship management and communication

QAD Boomi AtomSphere – third-party cloud and on-premise application

The QAD Cloud ensures appropriate service levels for QAD Cloud ERP and delivers the following related services:

1. Support – QAD provides application and infrastructure global support, 24×7.

2. Upgrade Planning – QAD works with customers to determine the right time to upgrade and what to upgrade.

3. Database and Systems Administration – QAD constantly monitors and tunes database and related system performance.

4. Service Level Reporting – QAD provides monthly reports of service levels and performance.

5. Certification and Security – All QAD Cloud data centers carry SSAE18 and ISO 27001 certification, and include comprehensive patching, penetration testing and threat detection and response.

6. Business Continuity – QAD configures and runs a true disaster recovery “warm site” for customers that want to minimize the risk of disruption and outage

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