InfoPrint 4247-Z03 Multiform

High reliability and broad functionality for demanding business environments.

Scale image of the InfoPrint 4247-Z03

Quick Tech Summary

    • Print speeds (up to) 1,100 cps
    • Multilingual 2×24 LCD display
    • Remote management with virtual operator panel

    Our InfoPrint® 4247-Z03 was made for demanding print environments. From the office to the warehouse, its industrial strength design puts professional reliability into every single print job. With a long lifecycle, low per-page costs, and worry-free operation, it gives you peace of mind laser printers can’t match.

     InfoPrint 4247-Z03 product image



    • Fast, quiet, reliable printing at up to 1,100 characters per second1 on up to 8 part forms
    • Rugged design for superior durability in mission critical environments
    • Cabinet and pedestal configuration available
    • Optional Ethernet with support for IPDS™
    • Powerful remote printer management
    • Automatic forms loading and thickness adjustment