Extreme Networks

Computer Union Data Center Switching Products

To address the challenges of the evolving data center landscape, Extreme Networks developed a scalable network infrastructure solution that enables users to migrate from a traditional or “physical” network to a virtualized network, to a location-independent cloud network, without forcing a certain technology, or operating methodology on the user.

Computer Union is Extreme Networks Gold partner accomplishes this with solutions that leverage applied performance through a flexible network architecture built on a family of fixed and modular switching platforms that enables a flattening of network tiers while providing the network scale to meet the needs of the future. BlackDiamond® and Summit® switching products from Extreme Networks are designed to meet the exacting demands of Enterprises and hosting centers of any scale, which require solutions that combine consistent performance and availability, enhanced security, and simplified management.

BlackDiamond X Series*

BlackDiamond X series switches simplify enterprise and cloud data center networks with the highest throughput performance in the industry. The BlackDiamond X8 supports up to 192 wire speed 40 Gigabit Ethernet or 768 10 Gigabit Ethernet ports in one third of a rack.

BlackDiamond 8800 Series

BlackDiamond 8800 series switches simplify network architecture. Purpose-built core, aggregation, edge and Data Center modules meet chassis needs across the network. Traditional three-tier architectures are replaced with a streamlined two-tier network that can reduce management overhead, operational complexity and capital expenditures.

Summit X670 

The Summit X670 series are high-density, low latency 10 Gigabit Ethernet stackable switches with optional 40 GbE uplinks, for data center, and enterprise core and aggregation deployments.

Summit X650 Series

Summit X650 is the ultimate Top-of-Rack switch for enterprise data center server virtualization and 10 gigabit aggregation with Extreme Networks revolutionary modular operating system, Extreme XOS®.

Summit X480 Series

The Summit X480 series switch is a versatile, high-end Ethernet switch for data center, enterprise aggregation, and Carrier Ethernet deployments. Summit X480 helps optimize application performance for a variety of network deployments with its rich features and high scalability.

Summit X460 Series

Summit X460 switches are highly flexible and scalable, making them ideal aggregation switches or a top-of-rack switch solution offering cross-rack stacking within data centers and longer-reach stacking options among data centers.

Summit X450a Series

Highly flexible and scalable, Summit X450a is an ideal aggregation switch for 1 GbE and demanding Top-of-Rack data center applications.

Extreme Networks Enterprise Mobility

To help companies adapt their operations to the new mobility era, Extreme Networks offers the Mobile Enterprise Solution designed for growing numbers of users, devices, and virtualized machines, all of which are in constant motion. From devices accessing the network edge via wired, wireless and remote access to virtual machines moving in the data center, the Extreme Networks Mobile Enterprise Solution helps address many demanding IT tasks and complex architectural challenges with an automated network that :

Automation, Intelligence and Personalization

The Extreme Networks Mobile Enterprise Solution is built on an intelligent switching architecture that features ExtremeXOS®, a modular operating system proven for performance, security, resilience, ease of use, scalability, and flexibility. The Extreme Networks solution makes it easier for IT to provide a great personalized experience for the user and improve productivity for their business or operation from the converged network edge to the cloud.

Extreme Networks accomplishes this with automation and intelligence to reduce the time IT devotes to administration and keeping users on-net with the services they need. So hospitals can improve learning, government can improve service, and businesses can improve profitability.

Easy for IT

  • The architecture is simple
  • Services are converged
  • Operations are automated

Seamless for the User

  • Policy is personalized
  • Service is consistent
  • Security is pervasive, but not disruptive

Productive for the Organization

  • Enables workforce efficiency
  • Company can be more agile
  • Costs are more manageable

Mobile Enterprise Technology

  • Mobility Automation
  • Operational Services
  • Personalization Services
  • Data Center Features

Industry Solutions

Extreme Networks® provides a broad portfolio of wired and wireless solutions that help meet industry-specific business challenges. Our simple, agile, and scalable solutions based on our open, extensible architecture can help you quickly respond to your business and user community needs with a networking environment that is easy to operate and maintain, helping you maximize your valuable resources. Our strong commitment and support in helping you meet your green initiatives is shown through solutions that have been tested and proven to consume significantly less energy than solutions from other leading vendors. 

With Extreme Networks industry solutions, you can make the most of your network investments. We help you prepare for the future.


Extreme Networks delivers unprecedented network visibility, mobility, and control that enable businesses to successfully deploy a converged, smarter network.

Data Center

Extreme Networks 10 Gigabit Ethernet top of rack, end of row and core switches provide agile network infrastructure solutions to keep ahead of the growing bandwidth demands in data center networks.

Metro Service Provider

Allows differentiated new services for business and residential subscribers such as E-LAN and E-Line services, video on demand, VoIP and high-speed Internet access.

Mobile Operator

Extreme Networks solution for Ethernet mobile backhaul networks is powerful and feature-rich with industry-leading resiliency capabilities to provide outstanding support for 2G, 3G and 4G services.


Extreme Networks helps healthcare organizations meet tough business transformation and regulatory challenges with networking solutions that deliver the best balance of costs and capabilities.

Mobile Student Solution

Mobility is pervasive in schools. Students typically use three or more devices on the network, including iPads, PCs and smartphones. Extreme Networks helps schools deploy networks that offer secure, personalized services to students and faculty for their many devices as well as customized connectivity.

Hospitality & Gaming

Extreme Networks helps hospitality and gaming organizations meet the need for feature-rich, affordable, and lasting solutions that help enhance guest experience, allow for potential new revenue opportunities, and assist in gaining a competitive edge.