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Exponential growth of IP traffic for voice, video, data and mobile services has led us to the zettabyte era. The Cisco® IP Next-Generation Network (IP NGN) Carrier Ethernet Design provides a foundation to optimize the transport of any service over a converged infrastructure in a consistent manner with a high quality of experience – it is the Human Network. This supports the evolution of service providers from access providers to “experience providers” offering compelling “any play” services that are available anytime, anywhere, on any device.

Figure 1. Carrier Ethernet Powers the Connected Life

The Connected Life in the Zettabyte Era

The Internet is not simply a network of computers; it is a network of people who connect with each other when, where, and how they want. Networking is the foundation for all of the collaboration and co-creation that is happening online and is the basis of a Connected Life where empowered consumers access many services from many screens.

According to the Cisco Visual Networking Index Forecast (Figure 2), IP traffic will increase six times between 2007-2012. By 2012, half a zettabyte of traffic will traverse the global network.

Figure 2. The Growth of Packet Services 2007-2012

Consolidating Business and Residential Networks

Service providers that implement converged multiservice networks can anticipate cost savings from integrated network operations. The IP NGN Carrier Ethernet Design supports a smooth integration of business, residential, wholesale and managed services over a converged infrastructure by leveraging IP/Multiprotocol Label Switching (MPLS) technology. This design has evolved to support converged, resilient, intelligent and scalable services.

Service providers gain a competitive advantage by offering consistent and highly reliable transport of any play services. Using the Carrier Ethernet Design, providers can create a purpose-built and cost-effective Ethernet FTTx access solution complemented by validated support for many broadband access technologies such as Ethernet, DOCSIS, DSL, PON, WiMAX, and Wi-Fi.

IP NGN services include:

• Residential and business • Content streaming
• Video • Hosting
• Music • Unified communications
• Games • Wholesale

IP NGN Architecture

The IP NGN Carrier Ethernet Design represents key elements of the Cisco IP NGN architecture (Figure 3) that enable a best-in-class implementation for consistent service delivery optimized to meet the specific demands of each service. It is the end-to-end service transport foundation from the network access to the IP/MPLS core. This design provides integrated linkages with the service and application layer components to offer a converged, intelligent, reliable, and scalable network model to meet current and future network service requirements.

Figure 3. IP NGN Architecture

Cisco Carrier Ethernet – Leading the Evolution to IP

With the Cisco IP NGN Carrier Ethernet Design, residential and business consumers are able to personalize and define their connected lives using the next-generation services that experience providers deliver. With ubiquitous mobility for home- and office-based services, consumers are never out of touch with friends, family, or business associates; nor are they ever disconnected from their business networks and tools or unable to view and listen to their preferred entertainment.

Integrated service delivery requires a network infrastructure that can converge functions and decrease costs so that providers can successfully and profitably deliver on the promise of any play services. The Cisco IP NGN Carrier Ethernet Design offers service providers a remarkably extensive set of configurable options to meet evolving needs while enabling tremendous cost savings.

Cisco’s Award-Winning Technology

InfoVision Award Winner-2006: Integrated Video Admission Control, 2007: Cisco Intelligent Services Gateway