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Computer Union present “INTELLIGENCE” the solution for your Building Automation Needs:

Computer Union has a team of highly skilled and experienced engineer to design, install and consult with, for your Building Automation System requirements (BAS).  BAS can assist in the analyzation of the energy usage and in controlling of electronics equipment in the buildings such as Lightings, Temperature Control, and Environment Control for the office or data center, Security System, Elevator and Escalator System, etc..  The computerized controlling system together with our electronic equipment can connect to your existing building devices.  The system can help you manage the building easily, proficiently and confidentially from the centralized control center locally or remotely through the internet. The equipment operation inspection and the warning system can automatically send the alarm to your computer display, email / SMS message to your preprogrammed email account and phone number.

Building Automation System is suitable for various types of business and industry which demand the full control of their operation cost, safety, comfort level, and environment control in their building and workplace. BAS will help preserve the energy.

INTELLIGENCE :   Web Based Building Automation System


The demand of intelligent building’s construction is being covered from small to big buildings. Even in small buildings, with correspondence to OA, sophisticated air-conditioning, lighting, fire, safety system and tele-communication system are installed for comfort and safety environment. To manage these systems adequately sophisticated Building Automation System is required

“INTELLIGENCE” Building Automation System offer a total solution approach to providesophisticated, integrated intelligent control and monitoring functions for buildings that will give you the smarts to guarantee tenant comfort and safety, to provide all the services equated with building intelligence. 


The system features improves air conditioning, lighting, and other energy control capabilities. This enables the building management department to accurately identify total energy consumption and develop appropriate energy saving measures.

The system features enhanced fire, disaster, and crime prevention capabilities. Also, the system can quickly and accurately 

identify emergency situations and implement appropriate response measures from the building management department when a fire, intrusion, or other emergency situation arises. 

This system also enables the monitoring and control of multiple buildings from a central station, thus improving security and energy efficiency. Furthermore, it minimizes building maintenance and management costs, and thereby contributes to greater operating efficiency in multiple telephone exchange offices

Incredibly Friendly to Use

With “INTELLIGENCE” the operator Control Center becomes the window to the entire building. From HVAC, lighting, security, elevators or storage tanks. “INTELLIGENCE” can also be interfaced to your building’s fire alarm, CCTV or security system to provide centralized alarming.

High resolution color graphics paint a picture of condition throughout a single building or at an unlimited number of remote sites. “INTELLIGENCE” can produce displays of equipment complete with animation. Moreover, Autocad drawings or “SCANNED” pictures can be directly imported as background displays.

Graphics can be “linked” to create a “walking tour” to entire building. Set points can be changed and equipment can be turned On/Off directly from graphic, creating a virtual control panel.



On/Off Scheduling

Our desktop calendar is the perfect answer for time scheduling. With noting more complicated than a mouse or touching a screen (when using an optional touch screen display) and on screen clock and calendar., your operation department can set up and adjust independent schedules for dozens of offices, or facility areas to turn on and off equipment such as; AHU’s, Lighting, or Alarm System,etc.

Alarm Reporting

One of the most important aspects of an operator’s job is responding to problems. With “INTELLIGENCE” Building Automation System, upper and lower alarm limit can be preset through the workstation. When alarms occur, the system will notifies the operator an alarm through the workstation’s screen or alarm printer.

Voice/SMS Alarm

”INTELLIGENCE” Building Automation System is a full featured Monitoring, Control and alarmnotification system. In case of alarm, the system can dial up to pre-programmed phone numbers, and integrated voice/SMS will notify the on alarm to an assigned operator. As many as voice/SMS alarm messages can be pre-recorded and saved as computer files in the system hard disk drive.



Historical Data Record

With “INTELLIGENCE” Building Automation System, any useful information ; such as, KWH usage, KW demand or temperature, can be recorded and viewed on both tabular or graphical formats. Multi variable and multi graphical formats; such as line, bar or pie graph can be selected through software

Open Protocol Port

“INTELLIGENCE” Open System Port (OSP) allows the system to be programmed to communicate with other microprocessor based systems via RS-232 serial communication port. Information from these systems can be brought into database where it can be used as the basis for control and alarm decision, stored in historical logs, and displayed in dynamic color graphics,. This can be used for a wide variety of applications.




Remote Monitoring and Control

The “INTELLIGENCE” Building Automation System can be accessed remotely over regulartelephone line using an optional communication package and modem telephone link. To monitor or control such as; changing On/Off schedule can be done through this. This provides a highly flexible, yet cost-effective answer to multiple site energy management





System Architecture

The “INTELLIGENCE” Building Automation System is a modular, expandable family of intelligent controllers for commercial and industrial distributed control applications.


Web Based Building Automation Management Software

One of the Internet’s most useful services is the World Wide Web, a globally distributed information system. Information on the Web can beaccessed anywhere there is a computer running a “browser”.

By connecting “INTELLGENCE” Building Automation System to the internet, control system information such as; HVAC, Lighting, Security or other energy control capabilities, etc. can be accessed anywhere.

With “INTELLIGENCE” Building Automation System, the operator Control Center becomes the window to the entire building. From HVAC, lighting, security, elevators or storage tanks. “INTELLIGENCE” can also be interfaced to your building’s fire alarm, CCTV or security system to provide centralized alarming.

High resolution color graphics paint a picture of condition throughout a single building or at an unlimited number of remote sites. “INTELLIGENCE” can produce displays of equipment complete with animation. Moreover, Autocad drawings or “SCANNED” pictures can be directly imported as background displays.

Graphics can be “linked” to create a “walking tour” to entire building. Set points can be changed and equipment can be turned On/Off directly from graphic, creating a virtual control panel.

Sample of Graphical Control Panel

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